Cherbourg Aboriginal community is situated near Murgon, approximately three hours drive from Brisbane. Cherbourg is the oldest and the largest aboriginal community in Queensland. The original mission was located at Durundur, but relocated to a new site then called Barambah.

In 1931, the name was changed to Cherbourg. Cherbourg people have developed a strong culture deriving from 40 different groups this includes the original group from this area the Waka Waka people. The 1996 census population of Cherbourg was 1064.

Councillors of Cherbourg Community:

  • Chairperson: Kenneth Bone
  • Deputy Chair: Gordon Wragge
  • Cr Percy Stewart
  • Cr Esme Sally Fewquandie
  • Cr Bevan Ray Costello
  • Cr Lillian Jean Gray
  • Cr Arnold Keith Murray
  • Council Clerk: Warren Collins

Cherbourg Aboriginal Council
c/o Post Office
Cherbourg QLD 4065

Telephone: (07) 4168 1866
Facsimile: (07) 4168 2727

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